Writing General Training

Writing General Training

The IELTS writing test is designed to assess a wide range of writing skills, including how well you

  • • Write your response appropriately
  • • Organize & express your ideas
  • • Use of the range of vocabulary & grammar accurately.

This will be applicable for whichever test you are appearing for. You will be asked to write a letter or an essay and supposed to write your response into provided answer sheets. You are not allowed to write your answers in bullet points or notes, you are required to write your response in full sentences only. In your Writing test there are no right or wrong answers or opinions. The examiners will be assessing how well you can use your English to report information and express ideas.

Duration Tasks Version
60 Minutes 2 General Training Writing

There are two parts (Tasks).

  • Task 1
    • Letters are an important part of communication. In the General training Writing task, you are given a situation and tested on your ability to write a letter in an appropriate style in order to achieve certain outcome. You need to include all the necessary details so that the purpose of your letter is clear and the reader can easily understand your message.
    • o Read the task carefully and decide whether to write a formal or an informal letter.
    • o Decide how the letter will begin
    • o Note down your main ideas for each point and think of the words you might use.
    • o Write an opening statement or paragraph stating the purpose of your letter.
    • o Link your ideas together so that your answer is logical and clearly developed.
    • o Try to use a range of relevant vocabulary and sentence types.
    • o Finish your answer with an appropriate concluding sentence and letter ending.
    • o Leave time to click your answer for errors. Check spellings, grammar and punctuations.
  • Task 2
    • Task 2 is a topic on which you have to write a discursive essay. The topic may be in form of a statement or a question. Sometimes different or opposite views are expressed; sometimes there is one view to discuss.
    • o Analyze the task to see if opposing views are expressed.
    • o Decide how many parts you have to write about.
    • o Decide on your position and your main ideas.
    • o Introduce your answer by re-phrasing the question and stating your position.
    • o Write three to five paragraphs that cover your main ideas and provide some supporting arguments.
    • o Link your ideas together so that your answer is logical and clearly developed.
    • o Try to use a range of relevant vocabulary and sentence types.
    • o Conclude by re-starting your position and summing up your arguments.
    • o Leave time to click your answer for errors. Look at spelling, grammar and punctuation.
    • o Count the number of words you have used.

Scoring Criteria based on following factors

  • task achievement or response

    It covers points like have your answered question fully, do you support and develop your ideas and number of words you have used to write your response (You should write at least 150 words).

  • coherence and cohesion

    In coherence and cohesion is all about how well you organize your information logically and arrange paragraphs.

  • lexical resource

    This is about how well you use your vocabulary. You should note that you are required to use high range of words and vocabulary. It will cover factors like do you spell good, do you use correct format of words, convey your response precisely.

  • grammatical range and accuracy

    Like lexical resources it is about both range and accuracy of grammar. In this you will be assessed on how many mistakes you make, are there error free sentences and what kind of sentences you construct simple or complex and its range.

IELTS writing General Tips:-

• Analyze the questions carefully to make sure your response includes all the points covered in the question.

• Use your own words do not copy words from question itself.

• You must write your answer in full. Do not present your answer in note or bullet point format.

• Don’t write too long sentences. It will affect coherence and it will be hard to control the grammar.

• You have 40 minutes to write your task 2 essay. Give at least 5 minutes to yourself to plan your answer before you start writing. You should include introductions, ideas to support your views and opinions.

• Take care to spell words correctly. Standard American, Australian and British spellings are accepted in IELTS.

IELTS Writing General Module- IELTS Experts

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