Writing Assessment Criteria


This test contains two tasks. The two writing tasks are examined by IELTS writing assessment criterion. These tasks are marked out of 9 according to the following criteria:

  • • Task Achievement (for task 1) & Task response (for task 2)
  • • Coherence and Cohesion
  • • Lexical Resource
  • • Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Task Achievement (For Task 1)

For Task 1 of the examiner will look at whether there is an overview (a summary, not including all details), as well as whether information about the key data, trends, etc. is included.

  • Coherence & Cohesion

    Examiner will check to how well your essay is organized, including:

    • Do you write in paragraphs?

    • Do you connect sentences and paragraphs with logical links? Do you use reference links (‘they’) to connect ideas and avoid repetition?

  • Lexical Recourses

    This refers to your use of wide range of vocabulary, including:

    • Do you use appropriate academic words and collocations? (Academic Writing module only)

    • Do you paraphrase to avoid repetition?

    • Do you spell words correctly?

  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy

    This refers to your use of grammar, including:

    • Do you use a variety of grammatical forms?

    • Do you write in a mixture of short and complex sentences?

    • Do you avoid too many grammatical mistakes?

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